My Introduction

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am an operations-oriented executive with significant experience in the areas of general management, new product development, project management, strategic planning, and financial management.  In my roles as a general manager for a large international corporation and an executive/owner of a management consulting/training organization, I have had exposure to many industries including manufacturing, retail and service.  I have had responsibility for multi-site operations, international commerce, and operating a consulting and training organization as a Christian owner.

I have known the Lord since I was a youth and has been active as a small-group leader, singles leader, youth leader, and church deacon.  I am a graduate of the Thomas Edison State College, have an MBA from Suffolk University, and live in Cape Coral Florida with my wife Susan and daughter Sarah.

My passion is helping business leaders build great businesses for a greater purpose, and I have decided to start this blog to help us get through these challenging financial times.

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