Five Key Benefits Of Using Buffer

May 6, 2013 — 2 Comments

buffer AppIf you are like me, you like to start your day reading the online news. You might even use Feedly to scan posts, find interesting ones, and share them with your Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin followers.You find that you want to share stuff with your friends and followers, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with multiple posts all at the same time. You also want to share when they are actually online to see and react to the stuff you send.

So, what do you do?

Well, you might want to try Buffer. What Buffer does is simple. When you find interesting stuff to share, you add it to your Buffer, and it will share it spaced out during the day - at the best times for your friends and followers. It’s works just like magic! You fill Buffer with Tweets, shares and updates,  and it takes care of the details for you. (tweet this

The Five Key Benefits of Using Buffer:

  1. Schedule Your Updates – Buffer allows you to schedule your social media updates when you want them scheduled. This allows you to send your updates when your friends and followers are most likely to see them, allowing you to reach more people.
  1. Connect Multiple Accounts - Buffer allows you to connect one Facebook page, one Twitter account and one LinkedIn account for free. For $10/month the Buffer Awesome Plan allows you to connect 12 social media accounts, and send unlimited social media updates.  
  1. Tweriod integration - I bet that you are saying, what is Tweriod and why should I care? Right? Well, Tweriod is an app that will analyse your twitter followers, automatically update your Buffer settings to the best times for you to share your updates – All for Free! This allows you to automatically send your updates when people are most likely to see them.
  1. Built In Analytics - Buffer provides you with the status of your social media updates at a glance. These analytics show you how many retweets a post has received, and how many potential people saw your post, mention, and favorite. It also gives you valuable insights on how people are reacting to the information you share.
  1. Platform Independent – Buffer works on Mac’s, PC’s, Smartphones, and you can even email to your Buffer. It also works with the popular link shorteners like, and Buffer even has Chrome and Firefox extensions. Buffer truly works on every platform, and you can add content to your Buffer no matter what device you’re reading from or where you are.

As you can see, Buffer can fit into just about anyone’s social media life. You can use it to expand your social influence, and to grow your personal brand. It will increase your reach, drive traffic, and raise your social influence without annoying your followers.

Buffer is a fantastic service, and it does one thing - and it does it very well. Buffer is a tool that, I can’t live without, and I think that you will feel the same way once you try it.

Sign up for a free Buffer account here today!

Comment below and let us know about your experience with Buffer.

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  • Melanie Wilson

    I really appreciated this, Steve. I was using Buffer, but was frustrated by only having a couple of accounts for free. I may have to consider upgrading.

    • sespring

      Thanks Melanie. It is a great app and provides a lot of value in exchange for the low monthly cost.