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Success vs. Significance - There is a Difference

Did you enjoy yesterday? Did you wake up this morning excited about today? Are you enjoying yourself right now? Are you involved in an activity that satisfies you? When today is over, will you fall asleep with a conviction that you fulfilled your purpose and have a sense of excitement about tomorrow?

I hope this describes you but if it doesn’t please read on.

Unfortunately, most people can’t say an infadic “yes” to these questions. Whether it be their work, their marriage, as a parent or young person, a majority of people really aren’t that happy with their lives. They may fool you with the appearance of success, but more likely on the inside they feel unfulfilled.

I was in that very same spot a few years ago. I had worked in an industry that was demanding and financially profitable. I had developed and was leading a great team that was achieving enormous results. So, why did I begin to hate my job? Others saw me as successful, but the work and money did not overshadow a deep sense that what I was involved in was not significant. My work was empty and I was empty.

I had the good fortune to connect with a mentor and coach who specialized in helping people who he termed “half-timers”. They were people like me who wanted to move into a new stage of life where significance was the order of the day. It didn’t happen over night. My coach often jokes that I am a “little slow” because it took me several years to identify my direction in perusing something significant. At first I was as confused as Billy Crystal in the movie City Slickers. Remember Jack Palance, who played the cowboy Curly, held his finger in the air and declared that there was “one thing” that really mattered? I felt like Crystal, as I also had that same blank look on my face, wondering what would give my life significance.

This is where the guidance of my coach made all the difference. He helped me to focus on seven outcomes by using a facilitator led course called The GPS Life Journey. GPS helped me:

  1. Understand how God has uniquely created and gifted me.
  2. Discover my special purpose for my life.
  3. Engage in fulfilling that purpose.
  4. Serve others using my God-given profile.
  5. Achieve a sense of significance in my life.
  6. Make a difference in the world.
  7. Leave a legacy of impact for others.

Once completed, I had a clear idea of how I was to live a significant next stage of my life.

So how did this all end up for me? I fell in love with the work of helping other people discover what’s next for their life. Now, like my mentor did for me, I help others come to terms with God’s future purpose and passions for them.  

Do you know your purpose in life? If not, what are you doing to discover and live your purpose? Comment below.

This is the second a series of success stories by people who have learned how to  Live Their Life On Purpose. This post was written by George P. Gundlach. George is a Principle Management & Marketing Consultant who helps organizations and people prosper by coaching leaders in management and marketing “best practices.” George has a passion for helping people engage in their life purpose and can be reached at Plan To Grow or on Twitter.
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