4 Factors To Building A Platform

This is a guest post by Dan Black. Dan has a passion to help people of influence reach their potential. He writes about leadership at danblackonleadership.com. You can connect with him on Twitter and also get a free leadership quote eBook by clicking here

If you want to maximize your leadership and move toward your dreams then you might want to build a platform. It would be beneficial for leaders to begin or continue to build a platform so they can share their expertise and add value to others which can increase their influence. In this post I want to share with you 4 factors to know and think about before and while you build a platform.

4 Factors before building your platform:

1. Niche- A person needs to know their niche areas before beginning the process of building a platform. I have learned the importance of being more narrow than broad when it comes to a niche area. For example right now my niche areas are in leadership and talents. More than likely in the future I’ll expand those areas within the same genera.  I first want to become an expert in those areas before broadening my niches. I suggest finding and focusing on 1-3 areas you can become knowledgeable and the best in.

2. Passion- A person who want to successfully build a platform need to be focused within their passion areas. Finding your passions is not difficult. To help you identify your passions then ask yourself this question: If you had all the money and time you would ever want or need then what would you do? You need to get past the material factor like buying a big house and nice car and begin to think about what you would start doing. The things you would choose to do point in the direction of your passions.

3. Strength and talents- I have found if you want to build a platform then finding, developing, and using your strengths and talents is essential. When you have found and are focusing on them you begin to produce better results within the platform your building. This is because you are working within your strongest areas.

4. The why- Before embarking on the journey of building your platform you need to ask yourself the why factor. Why it is that you want to build your platform. It might be because you feel your purpose or a calling to share your knowledge, expertise, or story with others. The why aspect in building a platform can be the most reveling and important question you can ask yourself. I believe a significant purpose in building a platform should be to help and add value to others. It should not only be for the potential personal benefits but should be others focused. If you make a point to help and add value to others it will also begin to benefit you.

Questions: What other factors does a person need to know and think about before building a platform? How have you started to build your platform?


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  • http://danblackonleadership.com/ Dan Black

    Thank you for allowing me to guest post here. I hope it adds value to your readers.

    • sespring

      Thank you for being willing to share your insights with us.

  • sespring

    Thanks for being willing to share you insights with us.