7 Easy Ways To Discover Your Life Purpose

Discover Your life purpose

Your Life Purpose

Over the last several weeks I have written about the importance of discovering your life purpose. I have also provided some resources to help you discover your life purpose.

These resources might be perfect for you if you have the time to read and work your way through them. Others have asked for ways to discover your life purpose more quickly. If you are looking for a quicker way to discover your life purpose, you are in luck.

I have created this list of 7 easy ways to discover your life purpose:

  1. Discover Your Why: Take out a sheet of paper or open a Word Document and make two columns. On the top of the first column write “What” and on the top of the second column write “Why” Under the what column list all of the things that you spend your time doing. List your family, career, hobbies, and other interests. When you have completed your list answer the question, “Why am I doing this?” for each item on your list. Review your list and look for an overall theme to the answers in your why column. Knowing your ‘why’ is an indication of your  your life purpose.

  1. Write Until You Cry: Steve Pavlina says that you can discover your life purpose in 20 minutes. Here is how. Open up a Word Document and type, “What is my true purpose in life?” Write the first answer that pops into your head. Continue writing until you write an answer that makes you cry. That answer will be your purpose.

  1. An Unexpected Inheritance: Imagine for a moment that a distant relative just left you a million dollars. What will you do with your time? Will you continue in your current career? If not, what will you spend your time doing? This could help you to discover your life purpose.

  1. The High-point Of Your Life: Look back at your life and ask yourself, “When was it that I felt most excited about my life? What was I doing and why was I excited? The thing that makes you feel the most excited and energized can be a good indicator of your life purpose.

  2. The rocking chair: Imagine that you have retired from your career and are sitting on the front porch in your favorite rocking chair. As you reflect back on your life, think about the people you have met and the things that you have accomplished. As you imagine this, think about the things that give you the most satisfaction. The things that provide the most satisfaction help you to discover your life purpose.

  1. Visit Your Doctor: Imagine that have just come from a visit with your doctor. At the end of this visit, your doctor told you, “I have some bad news,  you only have another 6 months to live.” How would you spend those 6 months? What would your priorities be? What would you want to accomplish?

  1. What Is On Your tombstone: When you have lived your life and passed on, what would you like your friends and family to write on your tombstone? How do you want to be remembered? Knowing how you want to be remembered, can help you discover your life purpose. (tweet this)

Well, that is my 7 quick ways to discover your life purpose. The last two might be a bit morbid, but facing death can help you realize what is important to you. I have come close to death, and it made me stop and think about the purpose of my life. It might help you to discover yours.

You might want to complete all seven of them, or you might find one or two that work for you. You might want to complete one per day over the next week. If you complete more than one and they point you in the same direction it is probably a good indication that you have discovered your life purpose.

If you have tried all of these and you still do not feel that you have discovered your life purpose, you might benefit from a more structured and in-depth approach.  If you want to work through the process of discovering your life purpose on your own, you should read Life On Purpose: Six Passages To An Inspired Life. This book will provide you with a proven, repeatable, six-step process to determining your life purpose.

Question: How did this help you to discover your life purpose? Comment here.

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