Are You Living Or Just Surviving?

Are You Living Or Just Surviving?

Are You Living or Just Surviving?

I am sure that you have met many people are living their life without a purpose? They are drifting through life trying to just get from one payday to the next. Their purpose in life might be summed up with one word, “Survival!”

Are you living or just surviving?

Are you just looking to meet your immediate needs - keeping food on the table, keeping a roof over your head, paying your bills? Or, is there more to your life?

Maybe you know your purpose in life but are not living it out. If so, I will guess that you’re probably struggling with the fact that you know what you should be doing but are not doing it. This probably results in feelings of discontentment and frustration for you.

Are you living or just surviving?

If you’re experiencing these feelings of frustration and discontentment, maybe you should pay attention to them. Your feelings might be trying to tell you something. They might be telling you that there is more to life than just survival. They might be trying to tell you that you are not living your purpose. They might be telling you that it is time to take action.

Take action today by taking some time to answer the six questions below. These questions will help you move from just surviving to living your life on purpose.

Six questions to help you move from just surviving to living your life purpose:

1. When did you start to feel frustrated about the direction your life is taking?

2. What were you doing at that time and does that tell you anything about your purpose in life?

3. When have you experienced the most satisfaction with what you are doing in life?

4. What do you feel that you should be doing with your life?

5. How can you minimize the amount of time that you spend on activities that are not related to your purpose?

6. How can you increase the amount of time and energy available to invest in finding and living your life purpose?

You might need to make some simple changes to your life to find the time to begin living your purpose. Maybe giving up an hour or two of watching TV, or surfing the internet will free up some time to help you discover and live your purpose.

Maybe you need to make more radical changes to your life. Maybe you need a new career, or even a move to a different part of the world in pursuit of your life purpose.

I’m not saying that you should make radical changes to your life; I am saying that you should be asking yourself, “What do I need to do to live out my purpose in my life?”

I encourage you to spend some time working through the these six questions. They will help you to work out where you are at, and where you want to be.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know where you are in life, where you are headed, and how I can help.  

Question: Are you living or just surviving? What are you going to do about it? Comment here.


photo credit: D.C.Atty via photopin cc

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