Book Review: Becoming A Coaching Leader by Daniel Harkavy

Have you ever noticed that great leaders do a lot of things well? Have you been impressed by the results that they are able to produce? Would you like a proven strategy that will allow you to produce the same type of results? If so, Becoming a Coaching Leader can help you!  This book will provide you with the tools and techniques that you need to become a more effective leader.

Daniel Harkavy is founder of Building Champions, an executive coaching company where he leads the Building Champions team,  and coaches a select group of high-profile executives. His team has successfully coached thousands of top executives, managers, and producers to improve their professional and personal lives.

Becoming a Coaching Leader is built around what Harkavay refers to as the Core Four Coaching Strategy:

Life Plan: What is most important to you in life, and how can you achieve it? Life planning is where you identify your most important roles in life, write your vision for each one, and develop three to five next actions for each role. This provides you with a plan to achieve your vision for your life.

Business Vision: Do you have a detailed vision for what your business will become? Is it written down in great detail? The purpose of having a written vision for your business is simple – if you can see it, you can build it!

Business Plan: Do you understand the disciplines, improvements, and outcomes necessary for your business to be successful? Once have a clear vision of what you want your business to become, you can begin the process of outlining the steps required to achieve your vision. Becoming a Coaching Leader provides the model for a One-Page Business Plan that you can apply to your business.

Priority Management: How can you improve both your efficiency and effectiveness in reaching your goals? This is where Priority Management fits in. It is the tool that helps us fit all of our priorities into our busy life. It helps us look at our Life Plan, Business Vision, and Business Plan and make the daily decisions that move us toward our goals in all areas of our life.

From vision statements, to developing a business plan, to specific plans for managing priorities, Harkavy’s approach is both practical and systematic. Throughout his book, Harkavy focuses on how you can become a stronger and more capable leader. If you lead people in some capacity, Harkavy’s book can help you become the leader you were born to be. If you are thinking about starting a business, this book will help you get clear on what is important to you, and help you create a plan to achieve it.

I recommend that you purchase a copy of this book, because you are going to want to refer to it often. You can purchase a copy at your local book store, or get a copy here.

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