Book Review: The $100 Startup

Startups and technology-oriented businesses are hot nowadays, but do you have what it takes to actually run one? Do you have the ability to create a business and move it forward? Most importantly, is it possible for you to earn a good living while also living a meaningful life?

Chris Guillebeau has accomplished all of this and more, and he chronicles it for you in his new book The $100 Startup. This book is the true story of his travels around the world without ever holding a “real job” or earning a steady paycheck. Not armed with an MBA or any special skills, Chris teaches you how to navigate the business world even if you are short of cash, short of resources, short of education, or even short of networking connections.

In this book, Chris identified
 more than 1500 people who have built their businesses to incomes of more than $50,000 on startup investments of less than $100! He shares his learning’s from this group with you. One of the key learning’s is that it doesn’t take any special skills or talents to accomplish what these people have accomplished. All you need for success is incredible passion, intense desire, and the ability to treat people right. (Tweet this)

A true story, The $100 Startup functions as a road map that you can use to find your own path in the business world. Chris offers many suggestions on how to simplify the startup process and get your business off the ground.

Some of these suggestions include:

  • How To Write a 140-Character Mission Statement
  • How To Write a 1-Page Business Plan
  • How To Be Your Own Publisher
  • How To Conduct Market Testing

While this book is geared towards people in business, it is a great resource for anybody who has a desire to live more passionately and purposefully. If you’ve ever wanted to break out of your life, change course, and go do what you love, Chris’ book is made for you.

This book is perfect for people who are just starting out with their own dreams, those who are fed up with living the dreams of others, or those interested in doing it their own way. This book is ideal for the business-minded person in your life, and a great read when it comes to startups, innovation, and following your dreams. Purchase The $100 Startup today, and be both mesmerized and impassioned by its contents – it is certainly a must-read!

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