Getting Things Done The Easy Way

Productivity Tools - Getting Things Done

I discovered David Allen and his book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity several years ago, and it has made a huge difference in my personal productivity. The other day I was looking for an easy way to help you implement your own Getting Things Done system. While I was searching for ideas on the internet, I came across an article, The Four D’s Of Getting … [Read more...]

Getting Things Done- Do You Use A Capture Tool?

Productivity Tools - Getting Things Done

In order to organize your life, you have to process all the items that come into it as soon as they show up. David Allen is famous for saying, “You should handle things when they show up, not when they blow up.” The faster you do this, the better. However, there is only so much that your mind can process and remember. Everyone forgets things, and the only way to prevent this … [Read more...]

Getting Things Done- Managing Your Lists

Productivity Tools - Getting Things Done

As you process the items coming into your in-box, you may realize that some of your action items are moving from one list to another. One way to avoid this is to group your action items by context. What this means is that phone calls are grouped together, and actions that can only be done on the computer are grouped separately. You might have several contexts for actions to … [Read more...]

Getting Things Done- What Is Your Next Action?

If you are taking too much time processing the items in your inbox, it may be a problem with how you are defining the next action for each one. More often than not, we do not clearly define the next action for items and as a result our projects either get delayed or come to a complete stop. All of us experience this at some point or another. … [Read more...]