Getting Things Done - Your Action Items

In the last article, I talked about processing your inbox. By now, you should have a clear understanding of your inbox, and the method of processing all the items coming into it. If you find it confusing or find it difficult to process all these items, you can start by applying one fundamental question- is this item actionable? This question has just two answers- yes or no. If … [Read more...]

Getting Things Done- How To Process Your Inbox

Once you have defined your inboxes, the next step is to make sure that your inboxes are always empty by the end of the day. This is obviously challenging, since items from various places are constantly filling them. Processing these items does not mean acting on each and every one of them. It just means examining each one, identifying what it is, and deciding what action to … [Read more...]

Getting Things Done- Your Inbox

Productivity Tools - Getting Things Done

Every day, thousands of thoughts zip through your head, and what makes you productive (or not) is how you act on those thoughts. Do you find yourself lost in your thoughts and unable to act on any of them? If so, what you need is a way to visualize them in an actionable way. … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Weekly Review More Effective

Life Plan Steve Spring

A weekly review is one of the critical components of a successful productivity system. I think that it is very important, but no one speaks more powerfully about the importance of the Weekly Review than David Allen. The goal of your weekly review is to assess your situation, and to make sure that your … [Read more...]

What 7 Influential Bloggers Say About Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

I have been writing a lot about Getting Things Done lately because I think that it is the best system to use to manage your life and get the things that matter most accomplished. We are just getting started a series on Getting Things Done, and there is a lot more to come. If you missed any of the articles in this series, you can find them here. Today, I thought you might … [Read more...]