Getting Things Done: The Importance Of Context

Productivity Tools - Getting Things Done

As you learned in the last segment, the human brain is capable of doing amazing things, but can really fall flat when it comes to recalling information when it needs to. The reason that these mental recollections are triggered at the wrong time is simply due to the lack of a proper system. With GTD you will learn how to remember the right item when you need it (that is, … [Read more...]

Getting Things Done: Why It Works

Take a moment to think about just how amazing the human mind is. It can store every bit of information required to speak multiple languages; listen, interpret, and create music;  throw or catch a baseball; and much more. But then there are times that your brain has you forget your car keys in the refrigerator. While the brain can store a nearly unlimited amount of … [Read more...]

What Exactly Is Getting Things Done (GTD)?

Productivity Tools - Getting Things Done

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything in your life right now? Are you unable to get the things done that you need to, in the time that you want to? Do you think life would be a lot simpler if you could just get organized and do things faster? If any of these sounds like you, then Getting Things Done (GTD), the system developed by productivity guru David Allen, may be … [Read more...]

7 Books That Will Help You Live A More Abundant Life

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I bet you have read a book or two that has really opened your eyes to a new way of thinking about your life. I've been fortunate in my life to discover many such books. Today, I am excited to share with you my seven all-time favorites. Each of these books have, in their own way, helped along the path to develop the life of my dreams. The can help you to develop the life of … [Read more...]

Using A Productivity System To Make Your Life A Little Easier

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This is a guest post by Darren Tong. More of Daren's writing can be found on Brain Cutlery which is a productivity blog that follows the journey of one man as he tries to put productivity principles and systems into practice to lead a more productive life. Daren is the father of two from the United Kingdom, and learns as much from his failures as his successes. At some point … [Read more...]