7 Books That Will Help You Live A More Abundant Life

Life Plan Abundant Life Books

I bet you have read a book or two that has really opened your eyes to a new way of thinking about your life. I've been fortunate in my life to discover many such books. Today, I am excited to share with you my seven all-time favorites. Each of these books have, in their own way, helped along the path to develop the life of my dreams. The can help you to develop the life of … [Read more...]

7 Secrets to Choosing the Right Tools for Achieving Your Goals


This is a guest post by Harry Che. Harry is a web entrepreneur and experienced software developer. He is the founder and CEO at GoalsOnTrack.com, which is an online service helping people reach goals in life by working smart and doing less. Visit http://www.goalsontrack.com to learn more how it can help you with your goals. We all know the importance of setting goals for … [Read more...]

How Can You Create SMART Goals Today?

How To Create SMART Goals

So this will be the year that you tackle your bad habits and meet your perennial goals. This time, no amount of procrastination, distraction or plain stubbornness will get in your way. Right? This time you will create SMART Goals. While it can be difficult to follow through on your goals – the big ones that would require fundamental changes, the small ones that get lost in the … [Read more...]

A Rebel’s Guide To Productivity

A Rebel's Guide To Productivity

  You planned your day, making sure to include tasks that would further your goals, move your projects along, and keep you on top of routine tasks, too. The problem is you didn't follow your plan. If this didn't-go-as-planned day had been a rare occurrence, you wouldn't worry about it. But the fact is, it's happened more than once. You've tried to address it with … [Read more...]

Comfortable Misery

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Comfortable misery. I introduced it in a blogpost last week and defined it as a state of mind where you simply give up. Or don’t begin. It’s like a low-grade fever that doesn’t go away. It’s there, it doesn’t feel good, but you’ve gotten somewhat comfortable with feeling bad about it. As a personal productivity coach and trainer, I tend to see a lot of it. Of course I’m not … [Read more...]