I Did It On Purpose

I Did It On Purpose

Isn’t it funny that when we’re young, we do everything we can to avoid blame. We break our mom’s favorite lamp because we’re playing ball in the house. The porch light stays on all night because we forgot to turn it off. We ruin a whole gallon of milk because we forgot to put it back in the fridge and we run out of gas because we forgot to look at that little dial on the dash. … [Read more...]

Your Two Most Important Questions In Life

Discover Your life purpose

  It is normal to wonder why you are here and how your life will make a difference after you're gone. These are questions that we have all asked ourselves at one point or another.  I think that the two most important questions in life are, “Why am I here?” and “What am I going to do about it?” Why am I here? This question is really about the purpose of your life … [Read more...]

Why Do We Need Labor Day?

Labor Day Pic

Today is Labor Day here in America, and if you are like me, you are looking forward to spending some time today relaxing with your family and friends. This is important because free time spent relaxing with our loved ones seems harder and harder to come by these days. … [Read more...]

Success Story - Peter Sandeen


I've never considered something specific as my life purpose. But if I have to define it somehow, looking at it from the perspective of the work seems most natural to me. Then, "helping  people make a great living doing what they love most" is pretty close to what I think my purpose is. How did I discover my purpose? … [Read more...]

Success Story - George P. Gundlach


Success vs. Significance - There is a Difference Did you enjoy yesterday? Did you wake up this morning excited about today? Are you enjoying yourself right now? Are you involved in an activity that satisfies you? When today is over, will you fall asleep with a conviction that you fulfilled your purpose and have a sense of excitement about tomorrow? I hope this describes … [Read more...]