Creating a Life Plan Will Make You Heroic

superhero imageThis is a guest post by Scott Schwertly Scott is a slayer of mediocrity and killer of the status quo. As founder and co-creator of Tortoise, his purpose is simple: Help others achieve their full potential. In his spare time, Scott is a competitive triathlete and lover of all things that contain cheese. He holds a B.A. and M.B.A. from Harding University and resides in Nashville, TN where he lives with his wife, Cara, and their three dogs – Charlie, Henry, and Noah. 

Superman. Batman. Spiderman. These were the heroes of my childhood.

They were smart.

They were talented.

They were powerful.

It’s these significant men and women who always seemed to achieve unthinkable greatness - a greatness that always appeared in reach of any bright eyed young boy. But, somehow between childhood and becoming an adult, every child loses sight that we still possess an inner strength to make a difference, create an impact, maybe even change the world.

 What happened?

A number of different things. Jobs. Marriage. Kids. Life in general.

Instead, we wander endlessly from job to job, or for some, marriage to marriage.

We wander.

We drift.

We set sail without a course.

That’s the sad reality. Look around you! Wanderers. They are all around you. Very few people actually have a plan for their life. They have a financial plan. Perhaps, even a physical training program. But, no life plan.


We invest hours in front of our computers each day. We spend equal hours in front our televisions each night. And, we somehow manage to spend countless hours in front of our mobile devices. Yet, we can’t find time to invest just a few minutes to make a plan for our life.

So what is a life plan?

Simply, it’s a blueprint for your life. In other words, it’s a personal roadmap for who you are and who you want to become in the near future. I like to think of life broken out into 7 major categories:








Once you understand what you appreciate and want to achieve in each area, your focus about your life becomes crisp and solid.

It begins to have purpose.

It begins to have meaning.

It begins to have value.

And then and only then, can you start the simple three stage process of getting your life on the right path:


Think about each of the 7 areas and evaluate everything. Who are you? What kind of spouse do you desire? The car you drive? Places you want to visit? Money you want to make? What makes you happy? What do you want to do with your life? Approach this exercise as if it were Christmas and you could achieve anything your heart desires.


Ready to execute? Awesome. Remember that every person that walks this earth also has 24 hours and 1,440 minutes in the day just like you. How do you plan to maximize your days? What habits do you want to create? Where do you spend your time? What routines do you need to schedule?


You can’t improve on an item you don’t track. Track everything. Period. (For more of detailed version of the above, I recommend checking out Tortoise. It’s a life planning app built exclusively for the iPad.)

What are you waiting for? We can all become heroes - heroes to our companies, to our spouses, to our children, even to the guy across the street.

So, the only question you need to ask yourself today is…

Are you willing to do what it takes to be a hero?

Do it.



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