How To Experience Extraordinary Success

How To Experience Extraordinary Success

How To Experience Extraordinary Success

A few years ago I didn’t know where my life was headed.

I was frustrated and felt trapped in a job that I hated.

I was following society’s expectations, but I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life.

When the recession hit and I lost my job,  I didn’t have the slightest clue what to do next.

The worst part of all was that I was doing what I had thought was the right thing to do. I had managerial position with one of the world’s best companies and was climbing up the ladder of success.

Before you begin climbing the ladder of success, make sure that it is leaning against the right building.”

- Stephen Covey

I don’t know about you, but it turns out that for me, the “right thing to do” sucked the life out of me.

Maybe you are like I was - trapped in a job that you hate. Wasting your time doing things that you really don’t want to be doing.

Enjoying your weekends but dreading Monday’s.

Do you want to know what happened next?

Have You Ever Been Slapped?

It was like someone slapped me. I had heard it before, but it never really sunk in. It wasn’t until I watched Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk that it really hit me.

As it turns out, there is a key to extraordinary success. It is the same key that all of the world’s most successful people use.

The key to extraordinary success is discovering your why.” (Tweet This)

The reason that most people fail to achieve extraordinary success because they don’t know their “why.” Once you discover it, your life has meaning, you begin to do more of what you love, and you develop a passion to make a difference in the world.

What Were You Born To Do?

Your first step to experiencing extraordinary success is to find your “Why.”  Whether you call it your passion, your purpose, your mission, you should be able to express it as a simple tagline that will guide everything that you do.

This is your key to extraordinary success.

Your “why” will become your overarching theme and provide meaning to your life. All that you have to do is ask yourself … “Who do I want to be? … and what do I want my life to be about?” … and then start creating those experiences.

Just remember that you are the architect of your life - you can design the life that you want to live.

Write Your Tagline

Your tagline is a one-line summary of your “Why.” It is what you use to remind yourself of your purpose. It is what you use to make decisions about which path to take. It is what you use to make a difference in the world.

You might decide that….

  • You are the coach who helps others succeed.

  • You are the scientist who finds the solutions.

  • You are the musician who makes people feel good.

  • You are the person who changes the world.

Now It’s Your Turn

  1. Discover Your Theme - Look back on your life and look for an overarching theme. Ask yourself, “What has my life been about and what has given me an overall sense of fulfilment?”

  2. Develop Your “Why” - Where do you want to go from here? What do you want your life to be about?  If you get stuck read about 7 Easy Ways To Discover Your Life Purpose.

  3. Write Your Tagline - Be creative and turn your “why” into a concise statement that will guide and motivate you to become the person of your dreams.

Discovering your “why” and creating your tagline will remind you of your purpose, help you to make the best decisions about which path to take, and help you to make a difference in the world. Take some time today to discover your “why!”

Question: What is your Tagline? Comment here.

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  • Ryan Bonaparte

    The “why” really is what it’s all about. What’s the point of trying so hard, if it’s not what you want to be doing. Life is hard enough already, at least enjoy it as much as possible along the way.

    Great thoughts, Steve.

    • sespring

      Thanks Ryan. You are absolutely right!

  • Dan Black

    Amazing post! Knowing our why is so crucial when it comes to staying on purpose and moving toward success. Great topic!

    • sespring

      Thanks Dan!

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