Keeping an Open Mind: How to Embrace New Ideas

You might find it tough to keep an open mind. After all, there’s a certain comfort in being set in your ways. 

However, opening your mind to the possibilities of new opportunities, knowledge, adventure, and even relationships could bring greater fulfillment and happiness to your life.

 Find Your Motivation

In order to make it possible for you to embrace new ideas, it’s important to motivate yourself to try new things. Why do you want to become more open? Are you committed to it? Are you willing to take action to make it happen?

Choose Areas To Develop

Which areas of your life do you want to open up to new ideas? A simple example would be if you find that you’re eating the same things all the time, perhaps you’d like to try some variation in your menu. To get your mind used to the idea, try at least one new food or recipe each week. It’s a simple and realistic approach!

You could start with one small area to open up to new ideas, and then gradually include more areas of your life. Starting small can help you ease into having an open mind, instead of making a sudden, drastic change in your life.

 These tips will help you become more open to new ideas:

  1. Fight the urge to react in anger when you hear differing opinions. Instead, take a moment to yourself to find the wisdom to understand that everyone will not hold the same opinions as you. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see things their way.

  2. Avoid closing yourself off. Welcome new situations that are different from those you’re familiar with. When you’re exposed to differing opinions, look at them as learning experiences.

  3. Place yourself out of your comfort zone. Make the effort to journey out of your comfort zone often. If you have certain anxieties about new situations, you should still take this step, but make these changes slowly. Go to new places and try new things.

  4. Stay social and make new friends. You’ll find that you’re more likely to discover new opportunities to try new things when you stay social. Your friends might be trying new things that they can introduce you to as well. Also, when you make a new friend, they’ll likely have a unique set of interests for you to learn about to broaden your horizons.

  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Sometimes the only way to learn more about a certain situation and keep an open mind is to ask a lot of questions to gain a better understanding. While you don’t want to intrude on someone’s personal life, if they’re willing to share information, you should be willing and eager to listen.

  6. Avoid speculation. Go out and live the experience before you form opinions about something. Rather than blindly believing what someone else says, or assuming that you won’t like it, find out for yourself if you like something or not. This could be as simple as trying a new food, activity, or hobby.

When you have a positive attitude about new experiences, you can open yourself up to new discoveries every day. It’s a great way to keep your life fun and exciting!

Comment below and let us know about an interesting experience you had while trying new things. 

Photo Credit: ricketyus

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  • Gregory Woodard

    Great list. All are examples of being teachable, which I try to be.
    There is a fine line between being open minded and not standing up for your convictions. I’d like to read your reflections on that.
    I’m working on a post on tolerance (which is expected of me in my institutional ministry), but can be in short supply when your perspective is different than the party line.

    Thanks for the post.


    • sespring


      Thanks for your comment, and thanks for your service to our country. I am a Navy Vet myself.

      I agree that there is a fine line between being open minded and standing up for our convictions. We are called to be salt and light in a loving way. I would love to read your post on tolerance. Please send me a link when you post it.

      Thanks again,


      • Gregory Woodard

        I’ll send the link as soon as the post is written - hopefully later this week.


        • sespring

          Thanks Greg!

          • Gregory Woodard


            Here is a link to the post:


          • sespring

            Thanks Greg! I enjoyed the article and I really liked your site. I am sure that we can all learn a lot from your site.

          • Gregory Woodard

            Thanks for the feedback Steve. Please share the post link! Thanks!