Killing It With Consistency

This is a guest post by Joseph Lalonde. He is a youth leader at Oak Crest Church of God and leadership blogger at Joseph shares leadership tools and encourages you to become a better leader. Connect with him on Twitter or at his blog.

Do you ever wonder how the really successful leaders continue to pound out victory after victory? They have a not-so-secret secret.

Their not-so-secret secret is the power of consistency.

They know the power behind taking consistent action day after day after. Even when their actions become routine.

Successful leaders kill it with consistency.(tweet this)

Jim Collins talked about consistency in his book Good To Great. He shared about the 20 mile march plan Roald Amundsen had as he set off for the South Pole.

Amundsen was able to reach the South Pole. His competitor, Robert Falcon Scott, did not.

The difference? Consistency.

Scott varied the trek to the Pole. Some days he and his crew would push hard. Other times they’d wait out a storm or relax an extra day. This led to their doom.

Amundsen, on the other hand, knew consistency was the key to success. He created a plan to go 20 miles a day. Rain, shine, snow, whiteouts. It didn’t matter. The drive to be consistent won out. And he made it to the South Pole and back alive.

In our roles as leaders, we must also learn to be consistent. We’ve got to find a way to move towards our goals and vision on a daily basis.

When you begin to move forward in a consistent manner, you are taking the steps towards success.

Why Consistency Is Key

You may be wondering why consistency is the key to killing it as a leader. It’s simple. When you create consistency, you create a path straight towards your goal. (tweet this)

Action steps are taken daily. Check marks are put next to the tasks you needed to complete. Eventually leading you to the end.

Consistency also creates the habits you need to lead well. You find yourself doing what needs to be done regardless of how you feel or what is ahead of you today. You know your actions today will affect your outcome.

When consistency, in the actions that matter, becomes your normal, you move away from mediocrity and into the arena of success.

How To Create Consistency

Many people struggle in creating consistent routines. They find themselves breaking away and doing activities that don’t matter.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to complete the manuscript to your book or write out the vision for your company only to discover you’ve let yourself wander over to Facebook for 2 hours? I’ll be honest, I’ve been there. If you’re honest, I think you’ll admit you’ve been there as well.

Now, don’t beat yourself up over the slips. They happen. Yet there are ways we can begin to create an environment that is conducive to consistency.

Get rid of distractions: We find ourselves wandering away from consistency when we have the means to be distracted. Our phones are sending notifications of new emails. Our Facebook pages are dinging with new chat partners. We’re in a world of distractions.

Let’s get rid of them! When you know it’s time to get the job done, shut them off. Silence the phone. Close out of Facebook or other social media websites. You might even go as far as using a program that will block access to social media. If you need it, use it!

Create specific work times: Your day is busy. You’ve got more activities than you know what to do with. You write them down in your schedule.

You need to do this with your work times. Set aside certain portions of your day that is just for the work you know you need to finish. Don’t let other things interfere (with the exception of emergencies).

Find partners to hold you accountable: Leaders often want to go at it alone. This is trouble in the making. Being alone allows you to fall into the distractions and break your consistency.

Instead, find one or two business partners that can hold you accountable. Let them know when you plan on working. And then have them check up on you after your work hours to see if you were consistent that day.

You’ve got to be honest with your partners if you want this to work. There cannot be lies when you failed. Own up to the failure and let them encourage you to get back on track.

Question: How are you being consistent in working towards your goals? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Melanie Wilson

    I’m featuring this great post on The Inspired Day today. I’d love for you to share the link!

    • Joe Lalonde

      Thanks for sharing the post Melanie!

  • ourstoriesgodsglory

    Such a huge challenge for me. I do have to block distractions…and I work at home a lot, so I’ve also found heading to the library can be very effective!!

    • Joe Lalonde

      Oh boy! I can imagine the distractions that can come from working at home. You’ve taken a step in the right direction if it’s a problem for you by finding a place you can do work and get it done.

  • Kari Scare

    I do much of what you suggest to ward off distractions and be consistently productive. Setting goals, silencing electronics, watching little to no television, and having accountability are some of my tools. We are trying to instill this principle in our 2 boys (12 & 14), one gets it the other doesn’t. Just another area we as parents need to be consistent.