Let Go - An Interview With Pat Flynn

Recently, I had the opportunity to read Pat Flynn’s new book, Let Go. Admittedly, I am a fan of Pat’s and enjoy both reading his blog and listening to his podcast.

Let Go chronicles the extreme highs and lows he faced as an ambitious and hardworking architect. When he was let go, Pat turned away from the expected path and built his own through perseverance, investment in self, and a devotion to helping others. Along the way, Pat managed to not only achieve financial success but more importantly discovered what matters most: passion and purpose.

In Let Go, Pat tells the story of his transformation into one of today’s most beloved thought leaders in the areas of Internet business, online marketing, and lifestyle entrepreneurialism. He shares the challenges and feelings he faced as he pieced together what has become a thriving online enterprise.

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Pat about his new book. His answers will give you a little sample of what you can expect in the book. Also, you can read more reviews about the book here.

Q: Your book was initially launched on Snippet with bonus video content. Why did you decide to launch your book in this non-traditional format?

When I saw demo of the SnippetApp platform, I was hooked. The way that the platform integrates multimedia to enhance the reading experience blew my mind. iBooks does this already but the way it was integrated into this platform, as well as the addition of Social Media right within the book as well excited me.

My book, Let Go, was perfect for this platform. I’ve told my story from getting laid off to becoming an entrepreneur several times before, but never before had I had the opportunity to share it in a way that I could get really deep into the emotion and mindset of everything that happened along the way.

Plus, it’s pretty cool to say that I am one of the first authors on a brand new platform. This is one of those opportunities that doesn’t come around too often, so I took it.

Q: How did you choose the message for this book? Why do you think this message is important today?

I chose the message of this book - the idea of bouncing back and discovering so much more in life as a result of an incredibly hurtful change - because it was something I lived through myself and it was forever life-changing. I know I’m not the only one to go through a rough spot in life, and I only hope people see those challenges as opportunities for something better. Life is truly 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we react to it.

Q: In your book, you mention that personal growth is hard because taking risks is uncomfortable. What advice do you have for people who have a great idea but are uncomfortable with taking the risk required to get their idea out there?

There are a few things you should ask yourself if you feel uncomfortable about taking the risk required to get your idea out there.

First, I would ask you to think about the people who could potentially benefit from the idea that you have. An idea helps no one, and you being a bit uncomfortable is not allowing others who may need you to live a better life, or solve a potential problem or heal a certain kind of pain. Think about the people out there who could benefit from you taking action, but are not because you’re just uncomfortable.

Secondly, understand that being uncomfortable is absolutely normal. You should think of being uncomfortable as a sign that something really amazing can happen on the other end. Think about some of the amazing, most memorable moments from your past. Most are a result of things that happened unexpectedly, or from risks that you took that you were initially scared of. When you’re uncomfortable, that probably means that something is meaningful to you - so why wouldn’t you act on it? Ask yourself: “realistically, what’s the worst that can happen?” It’s probably not as bad as you think.

And finally, it’s definitely easy to be worried about failure. “What if this fails?” is a very common thought that people think when they’re trying something new, but what about spinning that question the other way:

“What if this works?”

Q: You end your book with, “Advice to your younger self,” Why do you include this message?

I ‘sent’ my younger self a message from the future because I have learned a lot since I attended and graduated college. When I graduated college, I was set on a life path that was pre-determined for me based on society and beliefs from others of what was right for me. When I was laid off, my entire scope of how things should be done in my life were changed, and I wanted to give my younger self a few lessons to help along the way that would lead to success and prepare myself for the future ahead.

Q: What career advice would you give to a person just starting out today?

Meet as many people as possible. Get out there, go to meet ups and conferences and get-togethers - as many as you can, and just meet people. Most people these days are getting their 9 to 5 jobs from the people they know, not their resumes, which is what most people spend time polishing.

The same is true when you’re an entrepreneur - you cannot do this alone, and the more connections you have the more possibilities and opportunities come your way - things you couldn’t even dream about, and things that would definitely NOT happen if you were to try and go it alone.

Q: I understand that your favorite movie is, Back to the Future, what is it that you love about this movie, and how does it apply to what you do today?

I’m an 80′s kid, for one, and Back to the Future came out right as the age that my imagine ran wild as a young kid and I dreamed of being someone like Marty McFly, a time traveler. I think what I love most about the movie is that it’s a pretty cool idea to go back in time and change things we did - perhaps make better wrong decisions that we made, or do something that we wish we had done but were too scared to do. This, of course, isn’t possible, but it is possible to change the future based on what happens now. The message behind the movie definitely keeps me moving forward, knowing that decisions I make today will lead me down one path or another and greatly affect my entire future and the future of those around me.

Q: I would like to end with asking the question that you always ask the people that you interview for your podcast. What are you doing now that is really working for you?

Great question! Hehe!

A couple of things:

Right now, being completely open, honest and transparent in my business is helping me make great strides. It’s allowing me to reach more people through the power of sharing, since my audience knows exactly what to expect from me and they are not worried when sharing my information and brand with their friends, family and followers. In addition, people want to do business with honest people these days, and in the space of Online business and internet marketing, I’ve been told that the way I run my business is a breath of fresh air, which I love.

Also, my podcast is definitely working for me right now as well. I put out a weekly episode that gets downloaded tens of thousands of times each, and the ability to create deep, 1-on-1-type connections with many people at the same time around the entire world is just amazing. I just surpassed 4 million downloads of my podcast, which I’m incredibly thankful for.

Thank you, Pat. I know we have only scratched the surface, but I hope it is enough to get people to buy this book and read it. I know it will prove to be inspirational for them. Click here to for more information or to purchase Let Go!

Have you been let go? Tell us your story in the comments below. 




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  • http://journalmissionalliving.wordpress.com/ Sharon R Hoover

    This post is so very timely, Steve and Pat! I am pondering the idea of starting an online ministry…but hesitate cuz I’m not sure if it will “work out.” I’ve been encouraged to get started. Your article, especially Pat’s response about ‘the people who could benefit’, was a great read for me this morning. Starting new things can be scary…thanks for the push!! Blessings, Sharon