Life Plan – 5 Reasons Why You Need One!

This is the second article in a series of articles on creating a life plan. In the first article we answered the question, what is a life plan? In this article we will answer the question, why do you want a life plan? In future articles we will help you understand how to create your life plan, and how to use your life plan once you have created it. Subscribe to our blog so that you don't miss a single issue of this series.

Life Plan Steve SpringCan you remember a time when your life was completely out of balance? A time when your life seemed like it as totally out of control. A time when you didn’t have a plan. Well, I can!

It was when we started Oak Associates. I was determined that the company would be a success. I felt like I was responsible for the success of the company, and that it was my job to make it a success. This desire for success drove me to work a lot more than I should have. I was the first one in, and the last one to leave. I even had lunch at my desk most of the time. During this time my entire focus was on my career, and my life was totally out of balance.

Have you ever been in this place? Maybe you are in this place now. Most of us either are, will be, or have been in this place. Maybe you have asked yourself, does it have to be this way? Will it always be this way? Is there a better way?

The truth is that most of us work with professionals to create legal, financial, and insurance plans for our lives and our businesses, but we never take the time to create a life plan. Because of this we are forced to either wander aimlessly through life, or worse, we end up following someone else’s plan for our life. Since your life is your most important asset, shouldn’t you take the time to plan the life that you want? Good, I think so too!

A life plan will give you five benefits:

  1. A life plan will give you a vision - Without a vision for your life, you end up living a life that just happens. Worse yet, you may end up living a live someone else has created for you. Only you can identify what is most important to you, and only you can decide what you want to accomplish in your life. When you create your life plan, you create a your vision for your life.
  1. A life plan will give you a road map  – Without a road map you don’t have anything to guide you through life. It has been said that, If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there. (tweet this) Once you create your life plan, you will know where you are headed. When you create a life plan, you create a road map for your life.
  1. A life plan will give you balance – Without balance in your life, you may end up sacrificing your family, friendships, and even your health for your career. This often leads to broken marriages, lost friendships, spiritual dilemmas, and illness. When you create a life plan, you create balance in your life.
  1. A life plan will help you with decision-making – Without a decision-making tool, we tend to make reactive decisions based on our circumstances. Sometimes these decisions are not our best long-term choices. A life plan allows us to be more proactive and intentional in our decision-making. When you create a life plan, you create a tool that will help you make better decisions.
  1. A life plan will help you make a difference - Without a vision for the future, we don’t know where to focus our efforts. Sometimes we focus our attention on things that don’t have a long-term impact. A life plan will help you clarify your most important priorities.When you create a life plan, you create a tool that will help you make a difference.

Can you see how a life plan can improve your life? Can you see how the time devoted to developing a life plan, will help you live a life that is more proactive and intentional? A life that is aligned with your vision and goals. My challenge to you, is to take the time to create your life plan today.

Question: What other reasons can you think of for having a life plan? Comment here.

Photo Credit: Calsidyrose

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