Life Plan – How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

This is the fifth article in a series of articles on creating a life plan. In the first article we answered the question, what is a life plan? In the second article, we answered the question, why do you want a life plan? In the third article we answered the question, when, where, and how do you create your life plan? In the last article you defined who matters most to you? In this article you will develop your desired outcome for each of your roles. In future articles you will complete your life plan, and you will learn how to use your life plan once you have created it. Subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss a single issue of this series.

Life Plan ImageWere you able to define and prioritize your roles? How did it feel? Was it hard? This is a key step, and will affect the rest of your life plan.If you have not completed this step – do it now! Don’t move forward on your life plan until you have defined and prioritized your roles.

Now that you have defined and prioritized your roles, you will want to establish your desired outcomes for each of them. Roles with clearly defined outcomes will enable you to make decisions that will enrich your life and improve your life plan. Roles with clearly defined outcomes will also help you focus your time on what is most meaningful to you.

So, how will you establish a clearly defined outcome for each of your roles? Stephen Covey suggests imagining your own funeral. This may sound a bit gruesome, but it is a very effective exercise. You will eventually die so the most important question is, “What will the most important people in your life say when you are gone?”

You can accomplish this with two simple steps:

  1. Begin by imagining your own funeral. Who will be there? You should see the people that you interact with in each of your roles: your spouse or significant other, your children, your family, your friends, and your co-workers. Do you see them? Is everyone there? Great!
  1. What are they saying about you? Are they saying positive things about you? If not, is this how you want to be remembered? Well, the good news is that since your not dead yet, you still have the opportunity to change any of this. It is not to late!

Now take a piece of paper and write down your first prioritized role. Under this role, write what you want each of these people to say about you in this role when you are gone. Be as idealistic as you want.

Do this for each role until have a desired outcome for each role in your life plan.

For example, underneath my Husband role I wrote:

I want Susan to remember me as a caring, patient, and loving husband. I want her to say that always took the time to listen, and that I made her laugh every day. I want her to remember the fun adventures we went on together, and those quiet moments when we just hung out at home. I want her to remember me as her best friend, and I want to her to say that I made her life special.

Your homework is to develop a desired outcome for each of your roles.

Did this exercise bring up some thoughts about a relationship that you need to change before it is to late? Do you need to make a phone call, rekindle a relationship, or be more intentional with someone you love? Whatever it is, do it today!
Comment below and tell us how you felt developing your desired outcomes for your life plan. Did you find it easy? Difficult? Did you need to contact anyone to change an outcome today?

Photo Credit: Calsidyrose

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