Life Plan or No Plan - You Choose

This is the first article in a series of articles on creating a life plan. This article will answer the question, what is a life plan? In future articles we will help you understand why you want a life plan, how to create a life plan, and how to use your life plan once you have created it. Subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss a single issue of this series.

Life Plan ImageHave you ever noticed that many people are discouraged with their life? They are frustrated with their jobs, their homes, and even their families. Some sit by and watch as they drift through life. Others find themselves living a plan designed by someone else. In the end they all seem to end up at the wrong destination.

The common cause seems to be that they don’t have a life plan. Maybe you are one of these people, drifting through life without a plan. Do you often wish that there was a better way?

What if I told you that there is better way? What if I told you that you can have the life that you want? What if I told you that creating the life that you want begins with creating a life plan?

A life plan will help you to take a more active role in the direction of your life. A life plan will help you make decisions aimed at achieving your dreams, rather than the dreams of others.

If you don’t have a life plan, you are not alone. Michael Hyatt wrote that, “…most people spend more time planning a one-week vacation than they spend planning their life.”

So, what is a life plan?

A life plan is simply a written document that answers these three questions:

Where are you now? 

First, you need to know where you are. Ask yourself, what are my strengths? What are my assets? What skills and talents have I been given? These questions will help you determine where you are today.

Where do you want to be?

Second, you need to know where you are going. What are your dreams? What are your desires for the future? What are your big goals? How do you want to be remembered by people who are important to you? These questions will help you decide who and where you want to be.

How do you get there?

Finally, you need a road map to get you to where you want to be. This road-map is your life plan. It involves creating simple action plans to help you reach each one of your goals.

You only get one chance to life the life of your dreams. Now is the time to decide if you will have a life plan, or no plan. Now is the time to decide what kind of impact you will have on those who matter most to you. Will you continue to life the life you have now, or will you create a life plan today?

Question: What steps are you taking to create your life plan? Comment here.

Photo Credit: Calsidyrose

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