Life Plan - Pulling It All Together

This is the seventh article in a series of articles on creating a life plan. In the first article we answered the question, what is a life plan? In the second article, we answered the question, why do you need a life plan? In the third article we answered the question, when, where, and how do you complete your life plan? In the fourth article you defined your roles in life. In the fifth article you developed your desired outcomes for each of your roles. In the last article you developed action plans for each or your desired outcomes. In this article you will complete your life plan. In the final article you will learn how to use the life plan you have created. Subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss a single issue of this series.

Life Plan ImageYou have finished the hard part of developing your life plan. All you have left to do is to pull it all together into a document that you can use. Links for this document can be found on at the end of this post. This is a very easy to use Microsoft Word Template, that you can modify to meet your needs. Once you have completed the steps of creating your plan, you just open up the template and fill it in.

You can complete this life plan template in 4 easy steps:

  1. The first step is simple. Open the template and fill in your name. The template automatically fills in the date so you don’t have to. Click on the date to update it to today’s date.
  1. Fill in your Priorities. Just fill in each of your priorities in the space provided. It is to add or delete priorities if you have more or less than five.
  1. Fill in your Outcomes. Enter your desired outcome for each of your priorities.
  1. Go to Action Plans. In this section fill in your action plans for each role.

Wow, you are done! Now how do you feel? You have competed your life plan, and now you have a plan for your life. You now know where you are, where you are going, and how you are going to get there. You now have a vision and a roadmap that will provide you with the ability to make a difference in the world. You may want to make change to your plan as you move forward, but you have a plan!

I have tried to keep this process simple, because a simple plan will have a better chance of success. If you have any suggestions for making this process easier for others, pease comment below or send me an email. 

Here are some additional resources to help you with your life plan: Simple Life Plan Template

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Comment below and let us know what you think. Did you complete the process? What worked for you? What didn’t work? What can I do better to help you reach your goals?

Photo Credit: Calsidyrose

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