How To Make Your Quarterly Review More Effective

Life Plan ImageCan you believe it’s almost October already?  

Remember back in January when you were setting your goals for 2013?

You remember the ones; running a marathon, cleaning out the garage, doing more things for yourself…

Which goals have you achieved? Which goals are you still working on? Which goals have been long forgotten?

In order to live you life on purpose, you need to be aware of your purpose and be taking steps toward living your purpose. (tweet this)

One secret to to living your life on purpose is to schedule times for review and reflection. You need these times to assess where you are and where you are going. I discussed the importance of the Weekly Review a few weeks ago. Today, I want to talk about a Quarterly Review.

A Quarterly Review is an extended version of your Weekly Review. The objective of your Weekly Review is to step back and try to see the forest through the trees. You might think of this as looking at your life from the 10,000 ft level. What are the projects that you are committed to finish, and what next actions are you committed to in order to move each one forward.

In the Quarterly review you jump up to the 20,000 ft level, and look at each of the important areas of your life. This will help you to determine which projects will help you move forward in each these areas over the next 90-days.

This is not something you should do at home or in your office. You might want to go to the library, or sit in a park to do this. It doesn’t have to be any place fancy, just a private and quiet place where you can review and reflect.

How to Conduct A Quarterly Review

I first learned about a quarterly review from Daniel Harkavy at Building Champions and you can read more about the process from Michael Hyatt and Michael Nichols who use a process very similar to my own.

Here are the steps that I use in my Quarterly Review Process:

Spend time praying

First, I take some time to reflect and give thanks for all of the things that have happened over the last 90-days. I also pray for wisdom and guidance over the next 90-days. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stay on course without His wisdom.

Review my Life Plan

Second, I review and update my life plan. If you don’t have a life plan, this post will help you understand why you need one. I am always updating and revising my life plan as my life changes. During my quarterly review, I re-evaluate and update the action plans in each area of my life.

Evaluate the last 90-days

Third, I evaluate my progress over the last 90-days by answering a series of questions:

  1. What went well?

  2. What were my challenges?

  3. What was the biggest lessons I learned?

  4. Did I accomplish everything that I wanted to during the last 90-days?

  5. Were there any goals that I didn’t achieve that need to be re-evaluated?

The answers to these questions combined with the review of my life plan help me shape my plan for the next 90-days.

Identify specific objectives

Fourth, I identify specific objectives for the next 90-days. This is a very short list of the 6–8 most important things I will do during the next 90-days to move my purpose and plan forward. Specifically, I identify at least one objective for my each area of my life plan.

Create a list of projects

Finally, I use my list of specific objectives to create a list of key projects for the next 90-days. This is not intended to be a long list of to-do items, but a very specific list of projects that will help me accomplish my objects over the next 90-days. Again, I try to have at least one project for each area of my life, and I try to limit the total number of projects to no more than 6-8 projects. This helps me to be able to focus on what matters the most.

Although I’m constantly learning and adjusting this process, I have found that taking the time to review, reflect, and plan is important. This has helped me be more intentional in how I spend my time, and produced dramatic improvements in my life.  

I encourage you to do a quarterly review this week. If you don’t have a life plan, I encourage you to create one today! A life plan combined with quarterly and weekly reviews will have a dramatic effect on your life and help you to live your life on purpose. 

Comment here on your current quarterly review process.

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