What is the Purpose of Life?

Got-Purpose-300x300Is there a God or isn’t there?

If there is a God, what does he want from me?

Which one of the world’s religions is correct?

Am I just a physical being or do I also have a spiritual component?

Is there life after death?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? I know that I have, and I think that most of us have. It is thought that man has struggled to answer these questions since the beginning of time. In a blog post about the meaning of life, Steve Pavila put it this way,

People have struggled for millions of years to answer these questions. Wars have been fought over them. But as much as these questions cause people to lose their heads (sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally), the bottom line is that these are very practical questions. Ever since the beginning of the human race, we have been finding the exact answers to the purpose of life.”

Most likely, you have sought answers to these questions, or might even be seeking answers to them today. How we answer these questions, provides the context for how we live our lives. Context is extremely important because it shapes our purpose and values, and our purpose and values shape everything that we do in life. (tweet this) The bottom line is that our context shapes who we are.

In his book Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, Brad Swift explains this concept of context by using a simple illustration. You might want to go get a cup of coffee and come back before I show you his illustration. Trust me, a good cup of coffee will help here.


If you look at your cup of coffee, you will see that the coffee takes the shape of your mug.  In fact, coffee always takes the shape of the container that you put it in. Obvious huh?

Now imagine that the mug is your context, and the coffee is your life. Just like the coffee, your life is shaped by your context. If your life is not being shaped by your life purpose, it is being shaped by some other context.

What is shaping your life? Is it your environment, your past experiences, or is it the situation that you find yourself in today?

Do you want to continue living your live a life shaped by your current context, or do you want to live your life shaped by your unique life purpose?

Are you ready to find and live your real life purpose?

Finding Your Life Purpose?

Finding your life purpose might seem challenging, but don’t panic! You are not alone. While it may be simple for some people to find their life purpose, most of us have to work at it.

For me, it is my Christian faith that shapes my context. For many years I struggled to find a clear sense of my life purpose, and I am still working on it today. I feel fulfilled most of the time, and I’m happy with my current direction in life. But, I am not an expert, just a fellow traveler on a journey to find my context (life purpose).

I am happy to share what I have learned and what I am learning. My hope is that you will share what you have learned with us, so that we can all learn together.

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  • Peta Wilson

    I love this post. The challenge of what context I am living within is so very timely (funny how that happens). I have recently found myself in the challenge of choice. I know which way I want to go but there is more than one avenue. How do you choose? Do you jump and worry about the finer details later or do you wait for the ideal?

    • sespring

      Thanks for your comment Peta, I am glad that I could help. In my experience, I am always presented with more than one choice and non of them are ever perfect. The key is to prayerfully consider each one, and to make the decision based on which one fits best in the context of your life and with your purpose.