What Is The Purpose Of Your Life?

Do you know the purpose of your life?

Do you know that man has been searching for the purpose of life since the beginning of time. Scientists, philosophers and believers in a higher power all explain the purpose of life in their own way.

The Chazwon Experience can help you discover the purpose of your lifeSome people will tell you that the purpose of your life is accumulating wealth, status, and power. Others will tell you that the real purpose of your life is having freedom and contentment. Some will tell you that the real purpose of your life is to know God.

This often leads us to the question, “What is the purpose of your life?” and, “How do you find the purpose of your life?” Some find it easy to answer these questions, while others struggle to find their purpose.  

Did everything just fall into place for you? Are you doing something that you really enjoy? Do you feel happy and fulfilled? If so, you have probably found the purpose of your life.

But, what if everything didn’t fall into place for you, and the purpose of your life isn’t clear to you? What if you’re not sure what your gifts are? What if you haven’t discovered your real talents? What if you don’t feel fulfilled?

Don’t panic.

You’re not alone.

Most of us who are in the same boat.

I recently read a story about the disciples. They were a diverse group of men. Before they met Jesus, they were fishermen and tax collectors. They were feeding their families and making a living.

Once they met Jesus, they discovered their true life purpose. They learned that God wanted them to be happy, and that following His purpose for their lives would give them more fulfillment than any plan they could develop on their own. The disciples found their purpose and fulfillment in knowing and following Jesus.

What About You?

Do you think that this could be true for you too? Do you think that you can find your purpose and fulfillment by knowing and following Jesus? Do you think that God wants you to be happy and fulfilled? I think so! You can discover God’s purpose for your life by knowing and following Him too.  

What Do You Do?

You need to work with God to find His purpose for your life. This means working as a team with God. You take a step in faith, and then God shows your next step.

Here are some steps that you can take today to get started finding your life purpose:

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance - If you ask for His wisdom, you will get it. He isn’t going to give you every piece of the puzzle all at once, but He will show you your next step.

  • Be Patient - We all want to have all of the answers right now, but learning to trust God to give you the answers when He is ready takes patience.

  • Don’t focus on things that aren’t from God - Don’t do things that you know are wrong – they don’t work anyway – and they prolong the process.

  • Be willing to try new things –Try new things that interest you. When you do this, you will find that doors will either open up, or slam shut. Either way, you will have an answer.

  • Never give up - You may not know your specific purpose today or tomorrow, but as long as your heart is open to God’s purpose for your life, you will it

If finding your purpose in life seems elusive remember that most of us need help finding our purpose in life.

These simple steps will get you on the path to finding your purpose in life. You might also want to check out our life purpose page for more on finding the purpose of your life.

When you get good at listening to God, He will help you to discover the purpose of your life.

Question: What is the purpose of your life? Comment here. 

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