Seven Reasons Why You Should Be Using Evernote

Why You Should Be Using Evernote

Today there are thousands of applications that you can use to make your life more productive. It seems like everyone has their favorites, and they will argue that their application is the best.

Evernote is one productivity application that most people will say is awesome. But, what makes Evernote so awesome, and why should you be using it. I think that you should be using Evernote for seven reasons.

Seven Reasons Why You Should Be Using Evernote:

1. It’s Versatile - At first you might not have any idea what you can do with Evernote. Don’t worry, every Evernote user has felt that way at first. You can use Evernote to remember just about anything.  As you begin to use Evernote, you will find a unique way to make it work for you.

2. It’s Portable - You can access Evernote from anywhere - your notebook, tablet, smartphone, and even a public computer connected to the web.

3. It’s Features - Evernote comes with tons of features that will allow you to capture anything that you want to remember. These features also help you find your information when you want it.

4. It’s Storage - While Evernote’s storage is not unlimited, but it provides more than you will probably use. The free option provides 60 MB of uploads to the system per month.  If that is not enough, you can upgrade for $5/month.

5. It’s Sharability - In addition to remembering anything that you want, Evernote can also share anything that you want. You simply copy the link from Evernote and paste it to an email, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn.

6. It’s OCREvernote’s OCR technology will allow you to search for a specific word in text and in images.  Evernote’s OCR technology can also make your PDF files searchable if you are a premium user.

7. It’s Free  - I saved the best reason for last. The basic version of Evernote is free. They do offer a premium version for $5 per month, but the free version is more than enough for most users.

There you have my seven reasons why you should be using Evernote. I realize that these seven reason just scratch the surface, and that there are many other reasons for you to try Evernote.

If you are not an Evernote user. I encourage you to try it today! If you are overwhelmed by Evernote and are not sure whereto begin, I recommend that you get a copy of Evernote Essentials. Evernote Essentials will help you get up to speed quickly and it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Try it today!

Question: How do you use Evernote? Comment here

photo credit: Leif (Bryne) via photopin cc

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  • brian

    Hey do you have any suggestions on how to use evernote to file quotes and stories alphabetically cause I normally use word to do that and i pull it up when I have to preach sermons….can evernote be a better help???

    • sespring


      That is a really good question. I am not sure how to get them to show up alphabetically. Maybe you should ask Brett over at