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PeterSandeen-gravatarI’ve never considered something specific as my life purpose. But if I have to define it somehow, looking at it from the perspective of the work seems most natural to me. Then, “helping  people make a great living doing what they love most” is pretty close to what I think my purpose is.

How did I discover my purpose?

Well, I started a couple of businesses and got bored with both before really even starting the work—right after setting up all the marketing channels. So, I realized marketing could be more of “my thing” than anything before that. And after some trial and error with focus selection, I found that helping people who love what they do with their marketing strategy was the most fulfilling thing I’ve done professionally.

To some extent, finding my purpose happened by accident, but I haven’t looked back 😉 I wake up knowing that I can do what I enjoy most. And what works even more to my favor is that I’m not tied to any schedule on a daily basis. If I want to take an evening off, I can do it. And I can eat lunch with my wife every day.

What difference has finding and living my purpose made in my life?

Well, my wife doesn’t have to work anymore. She’s writing her first novel and handles food shopping and cooking for both of us, which together seem to create a full-time job 🙂 I’m also free to meet with people whenever I want (with some limitations of course). Unfortunately, I haven’t used that to my advantage as much as I’d hope.

What is my advice to you?

Figure out what is the most effortless thing for you to do. Then figure out how to earn a living doing it. By effortless I mean something you find natural, something you’re naturally good at, something you want to learn more and more about. When you get to the point where you don’t have to do other work anymore, you’ll thank yourself for making it happen. I can’t imagine working as an employee, but depending on what you find most effortless, that might allow you to do it.

Just figure out what it is and how to get to do it 😉

Have you figured out how to live your life on purpose? Comment here.

This post is part of a series of posts by individuals who have learned to live their life on purpose. This post is by Peter Sandeen  Peter enjoys sailing and taking long walks with his wife and dogs. He believes that if you're building a business, you should first figure out what are the things people need to hear from you to notice you, pay attention to you, join your list, and ultimately buy from you. That's your value proposition. Click here to get a fast 5-step system for finding the core of your value proposition.



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