The Great Adventure

This is a guest blog post by Drew Tewell. Drew is the author of the book, The Dream Job Program: Get the job you want. You can purchase it on Amazon, or get it for free when you subscribe to his blog. You can also connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

Growing up, I didn’t like to read. There was no purpose in it for me. Why waste my time?

Then, after I found a purpose for my life that gave me some direction, I began to fall in love with books.

I had an unquenchable thirst for learning. I still do.

Over the years I’ve read quite a few books. What is it about a book that makes them so timeless?

The transfer of knowledge and ideas through the written word is fundamental to our experience.

The problem occurs when we stop that transfer.

When was the last time you read or listened to something to develop or better yourself?

Do you want to add some flavor to your life? Learn something new.

Expand your horizons.

Visit the library or your local bookstore.

Find something that looks interesting to you and start reading.

Learning is an adventure. You never know where it will take you.

Start today.

Question: What were some of the best books you read in 2012? What do you plan on reading next?

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