What 7 Influential Bloggers Say About Getting Things Done

GTD ImageI have been writing a lot about Getting Things Done lately because I think that it is the best system to use to manage your life and get the things that matter most accomplished.

We are just getting started a series on Getting Things Done, and there is a lot more to come. If you missed any of the articles in this series, you can find them here.

Today, I thought you might be interested in hearing what seven influential bloggers have to say about Getting Things Done.

1. Michael Hyatt 

Ever since I read Getting Things Done by David Allen, I have been a fan and practitioner of his task management philosophy.”

Bonus: This link includes a 20-minute video of David Allen discussing Getting Things Done.

2. Leo Babauta 

GTD is often accused of having a cult-like status, but in truth it just inspires a lot of passion. Why?

First of all, because of the feeling of getting your desk cleared and your inboxes to empty.

Second, because of the simple power of concepts like next actions, context lists and the weekly review — they are not anything complicated, but they work extremely well, and people love that.

Third, because of the open-source nature of the tools — this is what gets so many geeks.

It’s all about individual pleasures, and setting up your cool tools to create a setup that works for you. It’s the geek in us that loves GTD.”

3. Pat Flynn 

The Multi-Award Winning, and hugely successful book that has become a multi million dollar industry is definitely a must read if you want to truly get your freq on. I recommend checking out Getting Things Done By David Allen.”

4. Marc Chernoff 

I finished reading David Allen’s unofficial productivity bible, Getting Things Done (GTD) about 2 and a half months ago. Since then I’ve made an asserted effort to implement his suggestions.

The fundamental goal was to simply increase my daily rate of productive output. I found that some of David Allen’s suggestions were instantly applicable, some needed a little tweaking to better suit my needs and others were a bit too rigid and were thus substituted for alternative methods. After 2 months of fine-tuning I’m happy to report that I have implemented a productivity system that works really well.”

5. Thorin Klosowski

Getting Things Done: GTD has a ton of different organization methods to make sense of your work. It’s great for people who have so many tasks to work on that they need massive organization to make sense of it all.”

6. CM Smith 

David Allen’s Getting Things Done book has been around for over ten years now and has totally changed the way that many knowledge workers work and play. The system has helped me and many editors and contributors here at Lifehack get their most important work done on a daily, monthly, weekly, and “lifely” basis.

But, what if (this is a big what if) there was something better out there than GTD for increasing your productivity while decreasing your life’s overwhelm? What if there is something better and fits the way that the knowledge worker’s lifestyle works?

Well, you can stop worrying and looking. I’m here to tell you that the GTD is the best productivity system because it can be adapted to fit your lifestyle, has the over-arching models that you can use for a lifetime, and contains two secrets weapons of personal productivity.”

7. Jonathan Milligan 

Several years go I read a book that forever changed my view on time management. The book was Getting Things Done by David Allen. It defined a process for me to follow from the moment a task or project entered my mind all the way to deciding what to work on.

The areas where the book really helped was in developing a process for capturing all my thoughts in a trusted system so that it did not steal valuable space in my brain trying to remember it all.”

If you are interested in learning more about Getting Things Done, you can purchase a copy at any book store or buy one here.

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