What’s In Your Hand And What Are You Doing With It?

Rick Warren

I have been watching a lot of TED Talks lately, and if you are not familiar with TED it is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.

It started 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design to share ideas. Since then there have been many TED Talks and most of them can be found on YouTube.

Recently I watched a TED Talk by Rick Warren. Rick Warren is one of the world’s most influential Christians. He founded Saddleback Church, with a congregation of 22,000 in 1980, and is the author of Purpose-Driven Life, one of the best-selling books of all time. His TED Talk is worth 20 minutes of your time and you can view it here.

In this talk Rick points out that most of us are just existing and not really living. We are not living because we don’t know our purpose. (tweet this)  He tells us that we were all created for a purpose - our life is not an accident. Figuring out why you were created, your purpose, will make a huge difference in your life. The difference between existing and really living.

Your parents may not have planned you, but I believe God did. I think there are accidental parents; there’s no doubt about that. I don’t think there are accidental kids.” - Rick Warren

In this talk, Rick tells the story about Moses and the burning bush to make a point about using what we have been given. God asks, “Moses, what’s in your hand?” Moses says, “It’s a staff. It’s a shepherd’s staff.”

For Moses his staff represented three things:

1. First, it represented his identity. He was a shepherd. It was the symbol of his occupation. It was a symbol of his identity, his career, his job.

2. Second, it was a symbol of his income. All of his assets are tied up in his sheep. His flock was everything to him.

3. Third, it was a symbol of his influence. He used his staff to move sheep from point A to point B.  He used it to influence his sheep.

So, what’s in your hand?

What is your identity? Your income? Your influence?

What have you been given? Talent, education, influence, opportunities, wealth?

What are you doing with what you’ve been given?

This really is the most important question in life. We are all given different opportunities in life, We are all wired to do different things. We all have different gifts. But, what are you doing with what you have been given?

So, why are you here? Where are you going? What is your purpose?

Question: What is in your hand and what are you doing with it? Comment here.

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